0.1 young Green Tree monitor cbb (For Sale) Hot Advert
19/03/2016 07:31:00
Since: 19 Mar 2016
Location: Calderdale
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This guy is back up for sale after a something fell through.

Offering this young female up for sale. Relatively friendly and curious, though a little skittish when she gets spooked and needs some patience. she calms down when she is out of her cage and is happy to hang out on a shoulder while her cage is cleaned. Purchased cbb and i have had her since she was 5 grams. Perfect in every way and recently started everting occasionally. Loves mice, egg, and grasshoppers, but she will never be a cricket eater. Would like to keep her, but my other young females and males does not get along with her and I don't have the room for multiple enclosures right now. She is priced at £800. It is tough to find well established friendly cbb prasinus, and I guarantee you will be satisfied with this one.

I can ship when weather allows or can do local pickup or meet you half way if it's not too far.

I will require a deposit if she needs to be held for more than a few


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