Baby Crested Gecko For Sale from USA bloodlines (For Sale) Hot Advert
28/01/2012 14:13:00
Since: 9 May 2011
Location: Bristol
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We are a private Crested Gecko Breeder that specialises in high end morphs with superior structure and awesome traits.

Our morphs include - Extreme Dark Harlequin, Dark Harlequin Pinstripe, Orange and Cream Pinstripe, Red Harlequin, Solid Red Bicolour and Much more!! All Bloodlines from the USA.

We have a lots of babies ready to go right now and more ready in a few weeks and lots more on the way!

We can send updated pictures of any baby you are interested in. They will all be at least two months old, shedding ,eating and pooing fine before they can go to their new loving homes. All babies are fed dusted crickets and Repashy CGD (Crested Gecko Diet)

All enquires welcome, Prices From £50+

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