Breeding Colony of Fan-Foot Geckos (Ptyodactylus hasselquistii) + Vivarium (For Sale) Hot Advert
23/07/2016 17:04:00
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Breeding Colony of Fan-Foot Geckos (Ptyodactylus hasselquistii) with Polypropylene Viv.

A colony of approximately 12 lizards plus some newly laid eggs. Over time the colony alters from 10 to >20 lizards. This species is active / awake during the day and evenings.

The heavy-duty Viv-Tek vivarium is 117 cm wide x 56 cm tall x 50 cm deep (at the widest points). Should last >20 years with normal use.
Comes complete with Arcadia Slimline Luminaire 24W 610mm/24" with T5 Lamp, Euro Rep reptile radiator, thermostat, basking lamp and holder plus vivarium logs & hides. All ventilation is screened to prevent hatchlings escaping.

Eating a mixture of medium silent crickets, calci worms, small hopper locusts, wax worms, and standard mealworms.
Because of their prolific egg-laying these geckos need copious supplementation with calcium and multi-vitamins.

For sale at only £500.

Collection only from Streatham, S W London.
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020 8696 9733
Text: 07761 585617

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