Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a selection of questions and answers relating to Reptile Classifieds.

1) How can I post an advert?
Simple! First you need to register (link on the top right of this screen), registering only takes a minute and you can then login. Once you have logged in click on Place Advert, then fill in as required. Remember to select the category that best fits your advert, failing to do so will limit the number of potential buyers that will view your advert. Also remember to select the region you wish to display your advert in but PLEASE do NOT advertise in a region you are unable to sell or deliver/ship to!

2) I want to register but don't like giving out my details!
Please be assured that all personal details will remain hidden and not accessible by any users other than YOU. We require full registration as part of our attempts to stop Scammers and Fraudsters from registering, this will obviously help all users including yourself. The ONLY details from the registration process that will be seen by other users are the following; USERNAME, Email, City/Town Location. You have the option of adding your phone number when you place EACH advert.

3) How can I add an Avatar to my profile?
Very easy, just Login, then click on Control Panel, then select Personal Information. You can then upload an avatar directly from your pc.

4) How do I access all the features of this site? have many new features that make viewing and using much simpler and personal to you. These include filtering the adverts so that you ONLY see the adverts you are interested in. To access these features you must register (Fast & FREE), once you have registered, login at the top right of the screen. You can then access you CONTROL PANEL and from there you can select Display Preferances. You can then tick which catergories you wish to view and how many adverts per page.

5) I have forgotten my Password, what do I do?
Very simple, click here (link is also display on a failed login attempt) Just enter the email address you used when registering and a copy of your password will be mailed back to you. Please note that request for passwords can not be made via email as we can not access that information.

6) How do I avoid being conned by scammers?
We have done all we can to cut down on scammers and have a team of moderators that scan these classifieds for dubious adverts that are then deleted. Ultimately it is up to you as a Buyer to ensure that you are happy with the seller you are dealing with. A few simple precautions can be taken. 1) NEVER pay by western union or any other non traceable method 2) Always ask for a contact phone number and TEST IT 3) If buying from someone you do not, ask for references, ask if they post on any forums and what their user name is (you can they ask for further references from other members of that forum. 4) Ask for an address and postcode/Zip code and then use google to see if they match (this will eliminate many overseas scammers). 5) Finally, remember the old saying "If the deal seems to good to be true...then it probably is!" If you have been conned by someone, then feel free to post up a warning in the Forums to help warn others, Also drop us an email and we will delete accounts if required. Also check out the NEWS page, here we will list any identified scammers for you to avoid!

7) How can I find a specific animal easily?
If you're looking for a particular species, then the quickest way is by using the Search box, this is below the black navigation bar on the right hand side of the classifieds pages. So if you want an Bumblebee ball python you would type in Bumblebee in the box and click search. If your search comes back with nothing, try a different phrase or spelling such as Bumble bee as the search will be carried out on each advert as per the advertisers spelling etc.

8) I have just logged in and some of the adverts have disappeared?
Click on your Control Panel, you can then select which categories of adverts you wish to view. You can change this as and when you wish.