Imperial Retics Hatchlings (For Sale) Hot Advert
14/04/2017 11:35:00
Since: 3 Dec 2007
Location: Croydon
Ad views: 269
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2016/17 Babies:
Aztecs (Only ones in the world)
Tribals 50% Superdwarf (Only ones outside of Asia),
50% Superdwarf,
Foulsham Caramels,
Foulsham Caramel Sunfires,
Orange Glows,
Orange Glow Sunfires,
Tiger poss het Albino/Honeyblast,
Albino Honeyblast,
Sunfire poss het Albino/Caramel,
Wildtype poss het Albino/Caramel,
Adult Male Foulsham Caramel,
Adult Male 100% dbl het Honeyblast/Caramel,
Adult Male Tiger 100% het Albino/Honeyblast,

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