Below you will find the rules on placing adverts on Reptile Classifieds. Terms & Conditions

1) Repeat Adverts
We do not allow you to repeat adverts in any 7 day period. If you post an advert that is selling the same animal / product as a previous advert you have posted within the last 7 days, it will be deleted and your acount may be banned.

2) Accepted Advert Content
Adverts relating to the buying and selling of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and exotic mammals may ONLY be posted. No adverts offering electrical equipment in exchange for reptiles will be allowed either.

3) Posting Links with Adverts
Adverts that are posted with the sole purpose of redirecting traffic to ANY other website will be deleted, this includes personal reptile related adverts.

4) Advertising Forums & Classifieds websites
No adverts for Forums or other classifieds sites will be accepted. Any adverts placed will be deleted and accounts may be banned with immediate effect.

5) Trade Adverts
All trade advertisers are required to hold a Gold Members account, please upgrade via your control panel. Any trade adverts placed by non gold members will be deleted. Trade adverts are defined as those placed by / for any registered business.